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Refereed Journal Publications:

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2007. Petit Apartheid in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: An Analysis of Community Organization Data Documenting Work force Abuses of the Undocumented.  Forum on Public Policy On-Line  available at:

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Chapters in books

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Click here for more about this volume now located in special collections at the University of Arizona Main Library:

2011. O’Leary, Anna Ochoa. “Mujeres en el cruce: Repatriación y lucha en el entrecruce de movimiento trasnacional y políticas migratorias en la frontera México-Estados Unidos.” In Revisitando Fronteras. Hermosillo, Sonora: Editorial del Colegio de Sonora

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Other Publications and Reports


"Life, Family and the Arizona Mining Community: A Gendered Perspective" University of Arizona Science Library, March 6, 2011. Available from Barriozona, on the internet.

2011.  Final Report to the Border Health Comssion.  Pilot Project study of Mixed-immigration status Households.

2012.  "A Lo Largo de la Frontera" is a report of activities undertaking as part of a National Advisory Council in 2009-2012. (Contact Professor O'Leary for a copy of this)

2009. Arizona’s Legislative-Imposed Injunctions: Implications for Immigrant Civic and Political ParticipationMexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.