Binational Migration Institute

Dept. of Mexican American Studies

University of Arizona


Please visit the Binational Migration Insitute (BMI). BMI is an association of scholars in both the U.S.-and Mexico researching the consequences of immigration enforcement policies on Latino communities. Unlike many other immigration studies centers in the U.S., BMI’s interdisciplinary focus has been shaped by its proximity to the border and the unavoidable issues found in our own backyard, especially the ways in which immigration enforcement impacts the lives of hundreds-of-thousands of immigrants and Arizona residents, regardless of immigration status.  Arizona has the most active migratory route, and the most militarized and deadly border in the U.S.  This harsh and complicated situation has profound consequences for the U.S. and Mexico, the state, and its peoples. 


BMI Goals

  • The production and dissemination of scientific data on how the implementation & enforcement of U.S. and Mexican immigration policies impact all Latinos in the U.S., particularly in terms of constitutional, civil, and human rights as well as public health;   and
  • The generation of policy relevant recommendations based on valid and reliable knowledge.
  • To mentor and train students.

The Border Wall between U.S. and Mexico border near Nogales Arizona.