On Teaching and Instruction: I believe that teaching involves much more than the delivering of information to students in the classroom.  Although the providing information is important, it is only a small part of how we live our lives. After teaching large classes over the years, I have seriously questioned the efficacy of the lecture delivery style in classrooms of students and have instead searched for way for students to apply knowledge to real-world situations. This reflection has led me to consider how students learn and how content can be made more meaningful. Finding ways for students to connect course content with experiences is a driving force in my classroom approach.Here students present their work during a classroom session.





Courses Taught or currently teaching:

MAS 509  Mexican Migration
MAS/ANTH/LAS Latin American Immigration and the Re-making of the U.S.
MAS 570 The Feminization of Migration
I also supervise indepdent studies, section 2 of MAS 199, MAS 299, MAS 399, and MAS 499, and Internships.